The Art of Southern Realty was born of Andrea Wilhelm’s passion to operate in a way that stands out from other firms, one where agents listen, care, and deliver on their promises. According to Andrea, “We really listen to our clients. We care about their situation, and we work hard to deliver the results they want. Some agents just want a fast close.” Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Andrea knows the “Art” of bringing the deal together. Sellers need an agent who has the ability to produce top dollar for their home and bring the deal to a close swiftly; an agent who is relational and understands the needs of the various personalities involved in the buying and selling process. While a quick sale for sellers is important, buyers are often left feeling like a number. What makes Andrea Wilhelm different is the time she invests in getting to know her clients, as well as their vision. In fact, aside from working for the largest agency in the nation, winning multiple national awards, and even earning the name “top agent” for more than five years running, Andrea’s proudest accomplishment is the consistently stellar feedback she has received over the years, feedback that includes comments ranging from her ability to understand what buyers are looking for in a new home, to the ease with which Andrea executed the process of buying and selling. Much of Andrea’s outlook towards her clients and the relationships she engenders is a direct result of being raised in Amish Country,
an environment that was influential in creating her strong ethical background. “I was fortunate to have parents that never put importance on material items and made sure we were people of integrity. They never handed me anything financially, but taught me how to be an independent person,” she says. This unique background combined with her strong negotiating skills, sets Andrea apart from other agents.

Andrea and her agents also offers a concierge-style service where they maintain relationships with their clients years after they have purchased their homes. “Our clients could have closed 10 years ago, and they will still call us when anything comes up about their house,” Andrea says. “I just had someone text about needing to replace windows. They were asking, ‘Who do you know?’” Andrea is prepared to meet those ongoing needs. She has compiled a detailed list of providers just for that purpose. According to Andrea, “You can’t pay to get on my list, and we will take someone off the list if a client has a bad experience with that provider.” Another way The Art of Southern Realty stands out from the crowd is Andrea’s vision for the company’s structure. She saw a real need for a niche agency, rather than just another agent mill. Andrea is very selective on the agents she hires. They need to be the right fit to be added to her firm. “Our clients deserve the best, and I want to make sure I give them like-minded agents who deliver results.

We are a group of successful educated agents who give God all the glory,” Andrea says. Fran Pollock has worked alongside Andrea for the past 12 years and knows firsthand how Andrea is changing the way real estate transactions are handled. “I’ve seen how agents end up becoming a marketing person, a transaction coordinator, a closing coordinator, a listing person, a photographer and more. The end result is you don’t have time to work with clients.” Andrea made the decision to delegate those duties to others so she could focus on the clients. Simply put, Andrea’s strength is relationships. Pollock adds, “Plus she’s an amazing negotiator.” Part of Andrea’s success in the field is a direct result of her personal goal to always help others in whatever way she can. Knowing that while her work may not be carried out on the traditional mission field, Andrea is fully aware that everyone has their own calling. “I have a gift for real estate, and I can use that to support the people who are called. We need both kinds of people,” she explains. Her focus now is to be able to give, and give generously, as a result of her business’ success. She concentrates her efforts on children, through groups such as Youth for Christ, the college campus ministry Cru, Compassion International, as well as other organizations. Truly, Andrea Wilhelm and The Art of Southern Realty are in a different league. From full service to community service, Andrea and her agents are changing the real estate profession, one home at a time.